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Energy Cost Reduction Opportunities

ENERGY "FIXES" - There are so many different so-called "energy fixes" available that many energy users are hesitant to do anything because of the apparent complexity or unknowns of these "fixes".

Many large energy users do not consider the fact that they may not need time-consuming, large investment "fixes". Since energy costs are not normally the predominate focus of most energy users, it is very easy to overlook or not be aware of what to look for in energy cost reduction.

SE knows the basics of energy rate structures, the components of the purchase process, and the methods and techniques required for maximizing energy savings and minimizing costs.

ENERGY KNOWLEDGE - The foundation of the energy cost minimizing process requires the knowledge of "how energy costs are developed and applied". The foundation of a building is seldom seen or considered, but if the foundation is defective, the building will fail. It is the same for energy, if the "knowledge" foundation is lacking or defective, the entire process can be compromised causing unnecessary costs to be present and potentially not even recognized.

There are few items in an organization that have more potential for savings than energy costs. However, these savings opportunities are generally not obvious. The key to identifying and eliminating excess cost is knowledge of the energy industry and how it functions.

SE's comprehensive approach includes both unit cost as well as unit consumption. Both of these items impact, not only current but also future costs and strategies.

When SE completes an energy analysis, the findings will include all aspects of potential savings opportunities both unit cost and usage. SE implements successful energy cost reduction strategies for many clients where there may be no apparent opportunities.

Let SE evaluate your potential for energy savings.

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